July 17, 2011

What next?

I'm in a rut.  I've been doing some variation of the Starting Strength or StrongLifts template for about 8 months now, and it was all I was doing prior to the 12 weeks I spent on 5/3/1.  I'm hitting failure way too often, resetting too often, and generally regressing on strength.  Time for something a bit different.

Starting tomorrow, this is the workout:

Deadlift, target weight, 1x5
Deadlift, 90% of target, 1x5
Press, target weight, 1x5
Press, 90% of target, 1x5

That's it.  I'll be increasing weight in an unstructured wave: going up when I'm feeling strong, falling back when I'm fatigued or sore.  I might add in chin-ups and pull-ups if I have time and I don't feel like those muscles are getting enough work.  I'm going to aim for 5x a week, making it up on weekends if necessary.

This is basically the poorly-named "Power to the People" workout from Pavel's book of the same name.  It's different enough that I think it'll get me out of my rut, and I've been wanting to do something specific for my lagging presses for awhile now.  Plus, it'll give the line of skin on my back that screams "I squat a lot" a chance to fade a bit.

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