November 02, 2010

Midterm voting, 8:45AM

No waiting this morning at Scarlett Middle School.  There were about 12 total voters in the gymnasium while I was present.  Given that this is Ann Arbor (i.e. 25 square miles surrounded by reality), I choose to interpret it as a good sign.  Rick Snyder is a local, but I'm guessing his local constituency isn't my generally my neighborhood.  If AA turnout is low, that might be good news for Rob Steele, but there's no telling on that one, since the dead voters of Detroit are sure to turn out for zombie-master Dingell.

I'm headed back with my wife for her vote this evening, I'll update then with what I see.

Update (7:30PM):  Still not crushing turnout when I was there the second time, but it was about 30min from the close.

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