April 01, 2011

Workout Log, PPNP, week 4

Monday (3-28-2011)
squat 265 lb 3x5 (terrible form, hurt my lower back)
press 115 lb 4, 3, 2, 1 (failed at 3x5)
chin-ups 12, 8, 6

squat 265 lb 5, 5, 3 (better form, first try at third set was a down-only)
bench 200 lb 5x3
deadlift 295 lb 2x3

squat 240 lb 3x5 (10% deload to improve form and rest my back)
press 115 lb 5x3
pull-ups 10, 6, 6

Weight (Friday): 191 lb

Notes: I spent most of the week in pain from a bad rep in the last set of Monday's squats. I also ate, heartily. Switched to 5x3 on presses for the week because it seemed safer (at least for bench) and because I suspected I might actually be able to complete that many reps/sets for the overhead press at 115 lb.

At this point, I really wish that I'd started with this routine back in May of last year, rather than StrongLifts. I think I'd have made vastly more headway with a lot fewer resets and off weeks if I'd started with 3x5 as a goal rather than 5x5. That said, I think this is the right time to quit doing this, too.

Why? Because I'm strong enough. By the standards from Starting Strength, I'm "intermediate" or better on deadlift, squat, and bench press, and very near it on the overhead press. I tried a few cleans this week (tricky because my gym lacks bumper plates), 135 lb was no trouble, and I'm pretty sure I could hit 165 lb without much effort, and surely 195 lb with some training in the movement (and a bar I'm allowed to drop). Anyhow, what this means is that it's time to stop procrastinating and actually drop some of this ballast I'm lugging around.  I know for sure that I'm either at or past the point where I can realistically add weight to each barbell exercise every workout.  Time to slow down and find my abs again without losing all this beastly new muscle, if possible.

A follow-up post will detail my planned cutting-and-maintaining program, as well as my goals for the cut. As recommended by the Starting Strength wiki, such goals should and will be SMART:

Time and Resource Constrained

More to come shortly.

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