August 23, 2010

Training Log, week 12, (rest week)

Tuesday (8-17-2010):
squat 220 lb 5x5
overhead press 110 lb 5, 5, 5, 3(f), 1(f)
overhead press 95 lb 6, 6
deadlift 240 lb 1x5
chin-ups 10, 6, 5, 7
prone bridges 50s, 50s, 50s

Weight (Friday): 190 lb
Notes: This ended up being my rest week after meetings and an emergency vet visit curtailed trips to the gym. I feel like the last few months have done me pretty well for increasing my strength, and I've got a great deal more muscle - and denser muscle, at that - so now is probably a good time to try and get lean.

My plan for that is to pare back my strength training to 2 days/week, and add 2-4 cardio sessions (ugh) each week, along with some dietary restriction on non-strength days. I'll also be deloading squat, bench press, and overhead press by ~10% so I can work more on my form now that I've seen the Starting Strength DVD.  I'll also be adding weight more slowly, 5 lb every other time I hit the exercise.  The point right now is to maintain muscle while cutting fat, not to add muscle, so aggressively increasing my loads wouldn't make a lot of sense (and would only make me hungrier).  I'm hoping to drop about 10-15 pounds before I start bulking/building again.

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