September 07, 2010

Training log, week 14

Tuesday: (8-31-2010):
squat 200 lb 5x5
bench 165 lb 5x5
barbell row 155 5x5
dips 25, 17, 12
hanging leg raise 15, 15, 15
EZ curls 80 lb 3x5

Incline treadmill (before dinner) 20m

Elliptical (before dinner) 30m

squat 200 lb 5x5
overhead press 95 lb 5x5
deadlift 250 lb 2x5
chin-ups 9, 5, 5, 7, 5, 5
prone bridges 60s, 60s, 60s
tricep press-down 180 lb 3x5
dumbbell shrug 140 lb 3x10

Weight (Tuesay, 9-7-2010): 188

Notes: Slight movement on weight despite a holiday cheat for mom-made brownies.  The next few weeks should have fewer tempting gatherings, so I'm hopeful for more movement.  I'm feeling a little weaker in the squat, but I'm not sure if I've made my form stricter and that's costing me "strength", or if I'm having trouble maintaining strength with a caloric deficit.  Deadlifts still feel fine, so I'm hoping it's just better form.

Edit: My wife reminded me that I spent yesterday in a squatting/sitting/kneeling/bent-over position prepping a room and then putting in a vinyl floor in my basement.  It's possible that I was just a little sore from that.  Also, this is the blog entry for last week's workouts, when the squats felt okay.  I was remembering how today's felt, which concerned me enough to mess with my perception of space-time.

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