January 23, 2012

Workout Log, Texas Method, Week 4

Monday (1-16-2012)
squat 275 lb 5x5
bench 190 lb 4x5, 4, 2
deadlift 335 lb 2x3

squat 225 lb 2x5
press 115 lb 3x5
chinups 13, 8, 6
back hyperextensions 25 lb 5x10
tricep pressdown 200 lb 3x5
hammer curls 45 lb 3x5 each arm

squat 305 lb 3, 1
bench 210 lb 4, 2, 1
power clean 145 lb 5x3

Weight (Monday): 180 lb

Notes:  Stalled out on bench and squat now, from the look of it.  I suspect it's because I'm just not eating enough to put on the muscle any further increase in poundage would require.  At this point, I pretty much have to pick a goal and go with it.  I pick abs.  I can always bulk again later.  Going to shift gears this week back to something closer to a PTTP template, and cut back a bit more on food intake.  We'll see if I can get down to about 168 and maintain all my current 5RM numbers (335 deadlift, 295 squat, 205 bench, 120 press).

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1 I eat a low-to-moderate carb paleo/primal diet.  Some dairy, occasionally white rice for carbs when needed.

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