September 03, 2014

Workout Log for 8-25-2014 to 8-29-2014

Monday (8-25-2014)
Circuit (x4)

8 pullups
16 pushups
15 uneven squats
30 glute bridges
plank 2x60s
crow stand 45s, 30s

head bridge 2x10
chin-ups 2x10
pushups 25, 20
twisting hanging knee raise 2x8
close squat 2x30
one-legged calf raise 2x30
little piggies 2x30

Weight (today): 181 lb

Notes: Not really making progress, not sure if I'm making regress.  Weight's not budging in either direction even though I'm barely eating.  Probably too much alcohol or I'm eating more than I think I am, or maybe actually eating too little.  I've been having 1 meal a day most days, and that might be slowing things down.

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