September 28, 2014

Workout Log for 9-22-2014 to 9-25-2014

Monday (9-22-2014)
close pullups 10, 8
chin-ups 8, 8, 6
assisted one-legged squat 2x8
close squat 2x30
one-legged glute bridge

close pushups 2x16
pushups 2x25
hanging straight-leg raise 2x12
high knees 2x25
plank 2x95s

sawed branches hanging over fences for 2 hours

head bridge 2x12
crow stand 60s, 35s, 60s
side bridge 2x30s

hauled logs and swapped fence posts for 3 hours

Weight (Sunday):
179 lb

Notes: Yard work kicked my butt this week.  Still eating low-carb almost exclusively, but not at ketotic levels of protein.  Going to try being closer to 84g P, 210g F, 20g C this week, but I'm on travel, so those macros will be a target at best.  Week after, that's the plan.

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