March 19, 2011

PPNP, Week 2

Monday (3-14-2011)
squat 240 lb 3x5
press 105 lb 3x5
chin-ups 12, 8, 6

squat 245 lb 3x5
bench 185 lb 3x5
deadlift 280 1x5
hanging leg raise 3x20

squat 250 lb 3x5
press 110 lb 3x5
pull-ups 10, 7, 6

Weight (Friday): 186 lb

Notes:  Pretty good week, made all my lifting targets.  Weight is stable week-over-week without any attempt at AM IF (even without coffee), so I'm planning to start my morning fasting again Monday.  I'd really like to drop some weight now that the weather's warming up, so cutting back on my total intake has got to happen one way or another.  That or I start biking to work (7 miles through Ypsi and across I-94, no thanks).

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