January 13, 2012

Workout Log, Texas Method, Week 3

Monday (1-9-2012)
squat 265 lb 5x5
press 115 lb 5x5
deadlift 335 lb 1x5

squat 225 lb 2x5
bench 175 lb 3x5
chinups 11, 8, 7
back hyperextensions 25 lb 5x10

squat 300 lb 5
press 125 lb 4
power clean 145 lb 5x3
hammer curls 40 lb 3x5 each arm
cable pressdowns 200 lb 3x5

Weight (Friday): 182 lb

Notes: Decent week, just barely eked out a new squat 5RM, almost hit a new 5RM on press, but that 5th rep just wouldn't glide through the sticking point.  Probably need to keep 300 lb as my squat target for next week, moving up to 275 for volume day.  Might have just needed more sleep this week.

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