November 11, 2011

denser, stronger muscles... for mice and flat worms

Mus musculus is once again made way more muscular.  Combine this with myostatin inhibition and the "marathon mouse" enzymatic mutation, and you've got Lance Armstrong, Andy Bolton, and Usain Bolt in one package.

Worth noting is that you'd have to work out if you had either of the muscle strength enhancements, just to improve your bone density and maintain the strength of you soft tissues and tendons.  Of course, if you're the sort of person that wants these, that shouldn't be a problem.  How badass would it be to walk into your typical globo-gym and bust out 900 lb squats or 400 lb benches?  With the high-density change alone, you likely wouldn't even look strong enough to do it, which would add to the fun.

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