July 13, 2008

I want what this mouse has, and I want it last Thursday

It's sorta old now, but there's a story here about a particularly cool genetically altered mouse.

They bred a colony of mice lacking the gene that causes lactic acid buildup in skeletal muscles. From the article:

The mouse can run up to six kilometres (3.7 miles) at a speed of 20 metres per minute for five hours or more without stopping. Scientists said that this was equivalent of a man cycling at speed up an Alpine mountain without a break. Although it eats up to 60 per cent more food than an ordinary mouse, the modified mouse does not put on weight. It also lives longer and enjoys an active sex life well into old age – being capable of breeding at three times the normal maximum age.

Side effects? Increases in appetite and aggression. I'll cope.
So yeah, last Thursday.

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