June 23, 2010

8 months, nowhere near 80 pounds

190 lb today, 24.3% body fat.  Today's the final entry in this category.  I managed to lose somewhere between 30 and 35 lb.  20-25 of that was in the first 3 months, and 5 of that was in the past five months.  I've been in the gym very consistently in those 5 months, and I've had a considerable amount of re-composition, so it's not all bad news.

Anyhow, I didn't hit my original goal (140), and I didn't hit my revised goal (160), but I ultimately didn't do too badly, either.  My legs are made of iron these days, my arms and shoulders are a lot stronger than they were, I can at least see the hint of some abs with my shirt off, and what little is left of my gut doesn't have dunlap disease any more.

My motivation has changed a lot, too.  Training for strength these past 4 weeks and counting has really made me start to shift my priority to that, to just getting stronger.  My weight loss or lack thereof has become a lot less important to me than how much iron I can push, pull, and press.  I suspect that's a good thing.  If I lose more weight while I pursue that goal, great.  If I get stronger, that's even better.

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