April 28, 2010

Continiung plateau

194 lb, 27.3% body fat this morning.  I haven't been fasting as consistently as I'd planned, and last night's dinner (baby back ribs with a low-sugar, commercial BBQ sauce) left me with a severe stomach ache at about 0230, which kept me awake until 0330 at least.  Lack of sleep and excessive salt might have caused me to retain water and some tissues to become inflamed, so that might also have thrown the numbers off for today, but it's more likely that I have simply made no progress this week.

It looks like the experimental question of "can I have BBQ sauce off the shelf?" has been answered with a resounding "no".  I'll have to stick to homemade curries and other sauces from now on, if for no other reason than to avoid digestive pain.

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