May 12, 2010

Recovery week weigh-in

194 lb, 25.6% body fat this morning.  I'm attributing it to the meatza I made Monday night (and finished up at dinner last night), which is almost as much cheese as meat.  I'm guessing all the sodium made me hold in a bit of water, in addition to making me more electrically conductive, which explains the anomalously-low body fat reading.  I do feel pretty puffy.  I'm consistently IFing now (16 hour daily fasting period, followed by an 8 hour feeding window), which was helping before I ate the meatza (I weighed as low as 191 last Friday).  Going dairy-free for awhile might be a very good idea, or at least cheese free.

As to the title, last week was week 6 of my lifting cycle, so this is my off week between cycles.

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