May 05, 2010

Still plateaued

194 lb, 27.3% body fat* according to the scale this morning. No noticeable changes from last week as far as the scale can see. My bench is up to 175 lb, though, which is nice.

I'm trying to keep my eating to an 8 hour window, meaning a 16 hour daily fast, as per Martin Beckham's recommendation. So far, I've managed to stay consistent on that since last Thursday. I've had a few cheats in that period, and that probably set me back a bit. Martin's pretty loose on carbs on work days, he has more of a cyclic ketogenic approach (to the point of eating entire cheesecakes occasionally), and in transitioning to his version of an intermittent fasting protocol, I found myself craving sugar like I haven't in months.  I'm not sold on the notion that that much sugar could possibly be good for me (or anyone, really).  If I'm going to go higher on carbs, I'll stick with natural starches like yams or sweet potatoes, which at least bring some nutrition with their saccharides.  Luckily, my sugar cravings appear to have abated for now.

*I really don't buy this number any more, and may stop recording it. I'm listening to Robb Wolf's podcasts, and he remarked in one of them about the wild inaccuracy of these measurements. Specifically, he tests at 30% on them while he's 13% according to immersion testing. He also noted that a nice hot shower and some salty food can drop your "bf%" by several whole points, and I'd rather not have my number dictated by the warmth of my feet or how salty Tuesday's dinner was.

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