June 17, 2009

Not all is doom and gloom, it would appear

MSimon (aka the hardest workin' IEC fusion blogger in the whole darn blogosphere) has a post up at Classical Values about the navy contract for WB-8.  There are a lot of positive implications just from reading the contract.  Simon sums them up nicely:

What it means about past work: it went well.
What it means for the future: verifying engineering rules
More: there is a plan to test the Hydrogen/Boron 11 fuel combination
More: They must be confident of results since they are planning a WB-9

As they so often say, go read the whole thing.  I actually took the time to skim through the contract -- having just a wee bit of experience reading these things -- and I agree with Simon's conclusions.  This looks like a lot of behind-the-scenes positive development.  My fingers remain crossed, but I guess we'll find out in a few years.

Assuming, of course, that we still have a Navy in a few years.  They are so pricy, you know?  And we could always just put the Army on boats, right?  Isn't health care more important, and a clearer constitutional priority?

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