November 26, 2010

Stupid gym tricks

Workout log coming later today, this is just something I saw that floored me, and I had to share.

So I'm at the gym, finishing my workout with some static core work (i.e. prone bridges), and I see this 40-something gal on one of the treadmills at what had to be maximum incline, with the belt going at a nice fast clip.  Hard work, right?

Not really.  She's at a high incline and a high speed, but she's got a death grip on the "heart rate monitor" handles at the top of the treadmill, and her biceps and forearms are fully engaged.  She's at a 20 degree incline, sure, but she's "walking" perpendicular to the belt.  No kidding, the line of her spine is tilted 20 degrees backward she's maintaining that leaned-back angle with a sort of static hold on those handles.  With that much weight off her feet and on her arms, she's actually getting less of a cardio workout than she would walking flat, and she's tiring her arms out with no range of motion.  Congrats, lady, you've managed to combine a crappy leg workout with a crappy arm workout.

Oh, and no, I didn't offer free advice.  That'd be rude and waste my time (who listens to free advice?).  This is intended as education.  Don't be this lady.  Also, don't get me wrong.  I respect anyone trying to get in shape or stay in shape just for the effort alone; just trying is more effort than most put in.  I don't normally snark, and this isn't really, it's just frustrating because I want to help her not waste her time in the gym, but there's no socially-acceptable way to do that.

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