October 08, 2010

IF links, and humility

Since I've moved my workouts earlier in the day these past 3 weeks, I've been struggling to maintain my intermittent fasts with my normal 12pm-8pm feeding window. I've been having my post-workout meal around 10am most days, then occasionally getting lunch just 2 hours later( or skipping lunch altogether). The practical fallout from this is that if I want to continue daily 16 hour fasts, my feeding window closes at 6pm, which is an hour before I make it home most nights. This can often mean me eating a 2nd/3rd meal somewhat later than planned, mostly because getting home = dinner in my mind. I've tried to skip dinner on the days when I've had two meals while I've been away from home, but it's not always easy. My weight has also crept up a pound or two (mostly it goes up 2 or 3, then I skip dinner and it comes down 1 or 2). Anyhow, in light of that, I went back to see what Martin Berkhan recommended for my situation.

Early morning fasted training seems to recommend the protocol I should be following, whether it involves me bringing a lunch or not. For anyone interested, his general guide is here.  I'll be grinding through the BCAAs, but it's worth it.

Also, Christine (aka cookiemonster) posted this back on the 29th, but I just saw it.  Squatting 260 lb at a weight of 114 lb.  F*&^, I can't do that.  I was pretty pleased that I got 4 reps at 215 lb today, at a bodyweight of 188 lb.  Also, I want to praise Christine for posting all her weights in pounds for us metric denialists, even though she's Canadian.

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