July 30, 2012

Calories in, calories out?

Hunter-gatherers, Westerners use same amount of energy, contrary to theory

I guess hunter-gatherers aren't leaner because they're more active. I'm sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with eating real food rather than big gulps, soyflour, and veggie-bacon.

Update: Full write-up

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July 05, 2012

Food diary for July 5, 2012

830AM black coffee, 1 cup.

930AM black coffee, 1 cup.  I was back home at this point after learning the power was out at my office.

11AM 8g BCAA.

1230PM 1 quart low-fat goat's milk, 1 larabar (chocolate chip cookie dough).  Not my ideal post-workout meal, but I'd had to drive to Powerhouse Monroe and I wanted to get something convenient in me during the post-workout window.  Why low-fat milk?  I'd never seen it before and wanted to see how it was.  Not bad.

240PM  1.2 lb ground sirloin with black pepper, 1 oz sharp cheddar, spicy brown mustard, 2g vitamin C, 7000 IU D3, 4g fish oil (capsules).  This is closer to where I like my post-workout meal to be in terms of protein.  Ordinarily I'd have some carbs here to spike my insulin when I'm most sensitive to it, but I'd already had plenty in my convenience meal up above.  If I were strictly trying to lose weight and maintain muscle, that wouldn't be called for.  Insulin is an anabolic hormone, though, and it's best to take advantage of that if possible.  That's also why I generally don't add too much fat to my post-workout meals: if insulin is high and dietary fat is available, it can be shoved into cells; having little to no fat around circumvents that.  High insulin and lots of free amino acids is a nicely anabolic state to be in, assuming you're insulin-sensitive.  I fought my way to that over a couple of years, so this isn't for anyone who's metabolically "broken".

530PM Handful of baby carrots.

810PM 0.6 lb of ground round, spicy brown mustard  (wife wanted something grilled), iced tea with one whole lime's worth of juice.

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July 04, 2012

Food diary for Independence Day 2012

My friend Mare was curious about what I ate in a typical day, so I'm going to diary a few of them for posterity.

9AM:  Discovered leftover coffee from yesterday, reheated in microwave and drank it.

10AM: 8g of branched-chain amino acids.  I try to take a dose about this size prior to a fasted workout.  My daily fasting window is typically 16-18 hours followed by lifting prior to my first meal.  The BCAAs are insurance: my fast should be just the right length that I've had some positive autophagy without triggering any muscle catabolism; available BCAAs reduce the chances of catabolic breakdown even further.

1030AM to 1130AM: Workout time.  Today was metabolic conditioning and explosive work: power cleans, kettlebell swings, and box jumps.

12PM: 8g BCAAs.  I wasn't planning to eat for another couple of hours, so I took another dose for the same reasons outlined above.

1PM: 1 oz sharp cheddar, 1 large green pepper, 4000 IU D3.  The D3 is half my normal dose because I actually had some time to sunbathe today.

230PM: 2 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs baked with Stubbs spicy BBQ sauce, 5g of fish oil, iced tea with the juice of one whole lime.  I added fish oil to the meal because I find I get fewer fish burps that way, and chicken fat in particular has a pretty terrible w-3 to w-6 fatty acid ratio, so this is an attempt at recovering some balance.

7PM:  0.7lb flat iron steak, seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning, and pan-fried in Kerrygold Irish butter (pastured cattle, so the fats are well-balanced), 1c or so of steamed broccoli.  I put a tsp or so pat of butter on the broccoli after it was on the plate.  And another pat on the steak, because it's delicious that way.

8PM:  Another glass of iced tea with another lime's worth of juice.

9PM:  500mg Mg.  Helps me sleep, and it's one of those things that's hard to get with diet.  I never go higher than this dose, and I don't always take it (can result in loose stool).

And that's it, that's everything I ate today.  It's actually a fairly typical non-work day for me.  On a work day, lunch would be something out of the crock pot or something at a restaurant (Indian or Chinese buffet, typically).  Black coffee is my normal breakfast.

EDIT  forgot D3 and Mg initially

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