November 19, 2012

Workout log, backoff week

Monday (11-12-2012)
deadlift warmup 135x10, 225x5
deadlift working 275 4x5
press warmup 45x10, 65x5, 95x5
press working 115 4x5
chinup +45 2x5,  +0x8,6

squat warmup 135x10, 185x3
squat working 245 4x5
bench warmup 95x10, 135x3
bench working 185 4x5
dumbbell row 70 4x10

power clean to push press 95 3x3, 115 10x3
farmer's walk 80 6x50'

Weight (Today): 173 lb

Notes: Backoff week.  Ate ad libitum but low carb all week, which seemed to help with my SAD and the hunger issues I've been having lately.  Not sure how careful I can be this week, since I've got two Thanksgiving dinners to eat.

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