March 08, 2014

Rest Week

Felt pretty worn out on Monday, did an extra 8 hours at work, and had the Ash Wednesday fast to do, so no lifting this week.  I actually decided to give up breakfast and lunch for lent so I could experience hunger daily (other than Sunday), so we'll see how that ends up working for lifting gainz.  Honestly, I still never saw myself get as lean as I wanted to get, Winter's finally ending, and while bulking is fun and feels good (yay food), I've got plenty of extra calories still attached to me.  "Bulking" is just an excuse when I want to eat more than I usually allow myself.

Rite of Election today at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Detroit.  Sacrament of Reconciliation this afternoon for the first time.  It felt good the way washing the dishes feels good: dread, then contentment and peace.

Weight (today): 181 lb

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