April 28, 2014

Workout Log for 4-21-2014 to 4-25-2014

press 75x5, 95x3, 115x2, 125 4x3, 85 4x8
chin-up +45 2x5,4, +25 3x5, +0 3x5
machine shoulder press 65 3x8
lat pulldown 120x10
iso-lateral pulldown 62 3x8
tricep pressdown 140 3x10
ez curl 60 3x8

deadlift 135x5, 225x3, 315x2, 355 4x3, 235 4x8
barbell shrug 135x5, 185 3x10
plank 90s, 120s

bench 115x5, 155x3, 195x2, 215 4x3, 155 4x8
pendlay row 135x5, 195 4x3, 145 4x8
iso-lateral chest press 62 4x8
iso-lateral plate row 92 4x8
tricep pushdown (V) 130 3x10
hammer curl 35 3x8

squat 135x5, 205x3, 245x2, 285 4x3, 215 4x8
machine calf press 585x10, 765 4x8, 585x10
hanging leg raise 3x20
hang high pull 45x5, 65 2x5

Weight (today): 184 lb

Notes:  Doing unweighed/unmeasured carb backloading on training days and VLC on rest days.  Waist measurement steady, weight up from water/glycogen.  Limbs appear larger, more pumped.  Good energy in the gym.  Loading ~5g creatine with post-workout drink on training days only.

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