October 19, 2013

Leon, WTF did you eat yesterday? Day 6

Light eating again today.  Basically just ate a pound of greens for dinner.  Probably enough protein for maintenance, but that was about it.  Carbohydrate re-feed tomorrow, and back in the gym on Monday.


32 ounces of coffee (Sumatra)
4 Tbl grass-fed half-n-half
2 megafatty muffins
0.75 quart beef stew
2 thick-cut slices of bacon, rendered slowly and then cooked with
1 lb of fresh kale


20000 IU D3
3 grams vitamin C
6 grams DHA/EPA fish oil (from the fridge)
1200 mg gelatin
1500 mg collagen
2 tablets of Chrysin Surge
1 tablet of DHEA
0.5 grams magnesium

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