November 04, 2009

Don't Cheat, Keep Exercising

209 this morning, putting me down 11lb with 69lb to go. I had a fair amount of "comfort food" (i.e. cake and bread) on Sunday at a family funeral, which likely set me back a bit, and I took a pass on exercising on Monday. It's also possible that I've been overdoing it on artificial sweeteners, so those have to go for now.

In related news, here's a fun post at the Heart Scan Blog.

Also, I find it funny and sad that sucralose and aspartame -- both laboratory products found nowhere in nature -- have both found approval as sweeteners by the US FDA, but miraculin was denied.  I suppose you could argue that miraculin might cause the imbiber to consume lots of acidic foods and cause injury of some sort, but it hardly feels like something the government ought to be protecting us from.

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