July 20, 2008

How much methanol?

From NewEnergyAndFuel

To give some feel for this potential, a ton of wood would make between 165 to 185 gallons of methanol. The U.S. alone generates 240 million tons of wood waste each year, which would yield at least 39.6 billion gallons of methanol. U.S. paper mills could add another 9.3 billion gallons. The uncounted tons of trash and garbage would add still more. Methanol can be made from oil, natural, gas, coal and there remains more than half of the U.S. farm acreage that isn’t in production now that could add hundreds of millions of tons annually. Methanol can even be made from CO or CO2 with a hydrogen source made available.

I had thought that the yield was far lower, based on some other articles I'd read, but I was specifically looking at the Fischer-Tropsch process. I need to ask/look around and see how the author might have got to "1 ton of wood = 165 to 185 gallons of methanol".

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