July 23, 2008

I'm on the Senate Banking Committee

Ok, that's not true. Unlike certain presumptive democratic nominees however, I readily admit it.  Also, I owe an apology to T. Boone Pickens. I really thought he was just shilling for fedbucks for his windmill plan. Even if he is, he at least had the balls to say drill it all.  HotAir rocks, by the way. Okay, Ed Morrissey rocks. Allahpundit is so emo he cries hoodies.

In local news, every local office up for election will be decided in the August democratic party primary. All of them. No republicans or libertarian candidates are even running, and the "independant" mayoral challenger from the '06 race switched to dem this time 'round.  So I'm writing myself in for mayor of Ann Arbor. I've persuaded my wife to do the same, so that's 2 votes right there.  If I have any actual readers in Ann Arbor, I'll happily give out my real name if you'll write me in.  I mostly just want to see if I can get like 10 signatures and show up on the evening news.

Aspiring Mad Scientist for Mayor!

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