November 11, 2009


Still 209 this morning.  Eating a little too much still, exercising too little, yada yada, SSDD.

It's tough to know something is basically life-or-death and treat it like life-or-death when it lacks all the traditional cues of life-or-death (like, say, an angered mother bear or an advancing line of mongol horsemen with bows drawn).

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Yeah, the manana part of weight loss is hard to overcome. "I'll eat this today, and make up for it by exercising and dieting tomorrow."

Seems like to really push through, you've got to be an asshole about exercise, and never skip it no matter how important the events of the day. At least until you hit your target. I used to hate people like that, but now I can kind of see their point. Comprome is the path to flabdom.

At least at your age a reasonable amount of exercise can go a long way. At mine, you've got to get ridiculous about it.

Posted by: geoff at November 13, 2009 03:48 PM (nviaj)

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