July 12, 2008

Starter post

Very first post for my mee.nu blog.  I've been half-assedly blogging over at livejournal, but nearly all the blogs I read these days are at mee.nu anyhow.  Moving here is the only logical step.

Most of the posts are going to suck while I learn the ropes of the posting doohickeys, but that ought to improve in time.

In the meanwhile, an intro:

I'm an American.  I'm a mathematician by training, a software developer by trade, and I work proudly within the grand military-industrial complex, doing my small part to keep the homeland safe and help our military kick ass and not get killed doing it.  I believe that an armed man is a citizen, and that an unarmed man is a peasant at best, a slave at worst.

I'm a Republican more often than not, but I lean libertarian on a lot of issues.  I'm a (very) lapsed Catholic but I've got nothing against faith or people of faith.  I'm not a creationist but I won't sit to see them denigrated.  I'm also pretty sure catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a hoax perpetuated by those seeking to control others.

I'm fascinated by new technology, and I'll frequently be blogging about new developments I've heard about, along with a few of my own hare-brained ideas.  As I was born in the year of the Hare, that's more than appropriate.  I'm most interested in IEC fusion, biofuels, synthetic biology, life extension, computing, nanotech, and "upgrades".  I've described myself as a transhumanist on occasion, but I'm not nearly so enthusiastic as some in that movement.  I'm apprehensive about taking any position on the "Singularity", though I've read Kurzweil's book and I see some reasons for optimism.

That's probably enough for now.  More tomorrow.

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