October 19, 2010

Training Log, week 4 (5/3/1)

Monday (10-11-2010):
Overhead press 5x45lb, 5x60lb, 5x70lb
Dips 5x12
Pull-ups 6, 6, 6, 5, 5

Deadlift 5x115lb, 5x145lb, 5x170lb
Shrug 5x10
Hanging leg raise 5x15

Bench press 5x80lb, 5x100lb, 5x120lb, 2x200lb*
Chest flyes 5x10
Inverted row 5x10

Squat 5x95lb, 5x115lb, 5x135lb, 2x225lb*
Standing calf raise 3x10
Leg extension 5x10
Leg curl 5x10
Dumbbell shrug 3x10

Weight (Friday): 189 lb

Notes: This is the de-load week built into the 5/3/1 program, so the weights are all pretty light.  So light, in fact, that I felt fresh enough to try some (*) "I bet I can bench/squat X" lifts, in this case with 200 and 225 lbs, respectively.  I'm pretty sure I could have gone higher, but I needed to test these numbers to be sure.  I went 4 days in a row because I had an out-of-town trip Friday through Monday, and I'll likely be doing the same thing again this week.  I'm also adding a lot of shrugging, because I'm noticing that my trapezius really aren't where I want them to be, and I feel like that's holding back my overhead presses.

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