November 18, 2009

Un-stalled, 1 month in

205 lb this morning, down 15 lb from my starting weight, with 65 lb to go.

My waist measured in at... 40".  That's what I get for estimating rather than measuring back on day 1.  I couldn't find the tape that day, and I'm pretty sure this was my version of "rock bottom", so I haphazardly guessed that my waist was 2" larger around than my pants said it was.  Apparently a 38" pair of Wranglers is very, very generous, because my waist is visibly smaller than it was, and my pants are quite loose, to the point of being unwearable without a belt.  I'll just have to go forward with waist measurements from this point, since guessing at my original size would be just that: a guess.

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