August 22, 2011

Workout Log, PTTP, Week 5 (partial rest week)

Monday (8-15-2011)
deadlift 325 lb 5, 3, 2
press 120 lb 5, 3, 2
pullups 11, 9

deadlift 325 lb 5x2
press 120 4x3
chinups 12, 9

Weight (Saturday, 8-20-2011): 174 lb

Notes: I think went up too fast.  My back was pretty sore Tuesday, and I ended up just doing 5 sets of 2 for deadlift, then 4 sets of 3 for presses.  I decided to just take the remainder of the week for rest and recovery since my back has felt very sore on rising lately (though that might just be my bed).  Today starts a new cycle, probably at 295 lb and 105 lb, respectively.  I'm debating on whether to shift to the "Bear" variant, which is more for hypertrophy.  I could frankly use a little more size, but I'm trying to resist the temptation to go on a bulk until I'm a little leaner.  The leaner you are when you start a bulk, the cleaner the gains will be, due to the nutrient partitioning changes that come with a lower bf %.  Another week of standard PTTP, and I'll re-evaluate.  I'm really hoping to get my weight down into the 160s before I start gaining again.

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