September 25, 2010

Training Log, week 1 (5/3/1)

Monday (9-20-2010):
Overhead press 5x75lb, 5x85lb, 7x100lb
Overhead press 5x10
Chin-ups 5xF

Deadlift 5x185lb, 5x215lb, 7x240lb
Deadlift 5x10
Hanging leg raise 5x15

Bench press 5x130lb, 5x150lb, 7x170lb
Bench press 5x10
Dumbbell row 5x10 each side

Squat 5x140lb, 5x170lb, 7x190lb
Squat 5x10
Leg curl 5x10

Weight (Friday): 187 lb

Notes: No reps for chins or weights for any accessory work, as per Wendler's recommendation.  I did as many chins as I could with 2min rests, and the weights were the heaviest I could handle for the reps planned.  This is the "Boring But Big" accessory suggestion.  I'll likely try out "The Triumvirate" next week.  The workouts were pretty tough this week, but mercifully short (~30min) compared to my final StrongLifts workouts (I was up around 75min by the last weeks).  The downside is that I'm considerably more sore this week than I had been on StrongLifts, likely due to the high reps on the accessories.

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