October 09, 2010

Workout log, week 3 (5/3/1)

Monday (10-4-2010):
Overhead press 5x95lb, 3x110lb, 4x110lb
Overhead press 5x10
Chin-ups 8, 5, 5, 4, 3, 3

Deadlift 5x215lb, 3x240lb, 4x270lb
Deadlift 5x10
Hanging leg raise 5x15

Bench press 5x150lb, 3x170lb, 4x190lb
Bench press 5x10
Dumbbell row 5x10 each side

Squat 5x170lb, 3x190lb, 4x215lb
Squat 5x10
Leg curl 5x10

Weight (Friday): 189 lb

Notes:  Heavy week of the cycle.  I screwed up my weight for OHP on Monday.  First set was supposed to be 85 lb, the middle set was supposed to be at 100 lb, but I brainfarted and overloaded the bar by 10lb in both cases.  Not so terrible, since I accidentally lifted heavier than intended.

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