October 30, 2010

Workout log, week 6 (5/3/1)

Monday (10-25-2010):
Overhead press 3x85lb, 3x95lb, 5x110lb
Overhead press 5x10
Pull-ups 9, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4

Deadlift 3x205lb, 3x225lb, 5x265lb
Deadlift 5x10
Hanging leg raise 5x15

Bench press 3x145lb, 3x170lb, 4x190lb, 2x190lb
Bench press 5x10
Dumbbell row 5x10 (each side)
Close-grip cable row 5x5

Squat 3x165lb, 3x190lb, 7x210lb
Squat 5x10
Leg curl 5x10
Prone bridges 3x60s
BB shrug 5x5
EZ curls 3x5
Cable tricep pressdowns 3x5

Weight (Friday): 190 lb

Notes: Thursday's workout felt pretty crappy.  I gave myself a nice deep cut to my left middle fingertip Wednesday night, and then had a poor night's sleep.  Between the awkwardness of my grip, a slightly upset stomach, and how tired I felt, I just didn't feel strong in the gym.  Friday was much better.  Also, the weather's turning colder and nights much longer, and I don't know if it's that alone, but my appetite has been voracious this week, as evidenced by my high weight on Friday.  My waist doesn't feel noticeably wider or pudgier, so maybe I'm actually gaining some muscle.

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